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Body Scan and Interpretation
Linda Dow's HEALING WITH HEART Services and Products
Chakra Reading and Interpretation
Energy Field Scan and Interpretation
Thorough Energy Scan using my hands to check for energy leaks, blockages, temperature fluctuations and degrees of light vs. dark areas of stagnation with reference to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic bodies and Interpretation of the results.
At Linda Dow's HEALING WITH HEART, we take care to provide you, the client, high-quality services personalized for your unique needs.  We are open to schedule appointments Monday through Friday.  

We provide a variety of services, either in-person or long-distance, including but not limited to:
Energy Scan of the Chakras of reason, will and emotion and Intepretation of what it all means for the purpose of healing.
​Quick Energy Scan of the field front and back and Interpretation of the results.
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Character Structure Evaluation
​Five Bioenergetic Personality Types are evaluated with the Interpretation of the primary and/or secondary structures and how to heal using them as a guide.
Energy Exercises
​Based on the Interpretation of your Energy Field and any strengthening needed, energy exercises will help balance out the field and strengthen weakened areas.

Soul Essence Awareness
​Re-connecting with your unique soul qualities and integrating them into your conscious awareness to help heal yourself and the world.

Intuitive Energy Feedback
​Similar to muscle testing, this is a process where you can compare through the energy field which solutions are best for you, whether that be which allergies you have, which chemotherapy, relationships, professionals, nutritional supplements, diet, exercise and spiritual practices to choose, etc.

Body and Energy Field Balancing and Clearing (Chelation Healing)
​The process of cleaning, clearing and charging up the energy field by removing stagnation, blockages and emotional baggage using my hands and plugging you back into God for His work.

Life Purpose Awareness and Strengthening (Hara Healing)
​“I know I'm supposed to be doing something else, but I don't know what it is.” “What am I supposed to do when I grow up?” This technique helps to re-connect with that purpose, using all the information in the energy fields.

Core of the Soul Awareness and Integration (Core Star Healing)

​For those who seem to be unaware of their unique beauty and perfection, this technique helps not only the depressed, but anyone disconnected from the specialness that everyone else seems to notice but YOU!


​Nutritionals You Can Trust
Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements
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Fees for In-Person Sessions:

     $250 for two-hour session
     $125 for one-hour session
     $ 32 for each additional 15-minute session

Fees for Long-Distance Sessions:

​     $ 32 for each 15-minute session
     $ 63 for 30-minute session
    $125 for one-hour session
“During that session, I saw that baby transformed from a troubled soul into a calm, serene, at-peace child. Linda, you said we owe the miracles of healing to God and that you were simply the extension cord. You were certainly plugged into a powerful outlet! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for using the gifts God gave you — the gift of sensitive perception and healing. You are our angel and mere words cannot begin to express our gratitude for your saving grace.”

                                                         ...from Grandmother of an Infant